Portager Kylyn Shindle is heading to the United States next year as she furthers her journey on the diamond. The first basewoman has committed to Bethany Lutheran College in Mankato, Minnesota in the NCAA's third division. Shindle says she's extremely excited about the opportunity.

"I would say the thing I'm most looking forward to is just getting better," Shindle explains. "I'm going to have different coaches and different teammates, and be in an environment that's very professional. It's going to give me opportunities to improve as they have workout equipment and batting cages that I can use all the time. I'm pretty excited about that because I don't have access to it here."

Shindle has come up in the Central Energy program starting her softball career at the U12 level and played her first year at the U19 level last year. The 17-year-old will be returning to the Energy this summer before her first college season and she also plans to play out her final season of U19 following her rookie campaign at Bethany Lutheran College. Shindle describes what she wants to improve on this year before her first season in college.

"Mental prep and putting in the work by myself because it's going to be very independent at the next level, which I'm not used to. We have a lot of team-orientated training here, so I'm definitely going to be pushing myself to practice by myself or just with my dad at the batting cages," says Shindle. "I'd also like to find a routine, and some ways to mentally prepare myself, so when I get down there I can be ready. I'm going to be an adult, and it's going to be something new, but I'm excited for that part of it."

The infielder says she will start her first college season a few days after the provincials end for the Energy. She says this will be a jampacked schedule but notes she's really looking forward to her ability to grow as a player, with all the time she will be spending on the field. Shindle adds she will have a familiar face in the locker room on day one.

"I actually have a friend, Joelyn LeClair, that was on my Energy team who is playing there this year, and it's her first year. She was a big contributor to my commitment there because it was a connection and someone I could communicate with," Shindle says. "I would tell her where I was at with my recruitment and she would tell me how the training was going, which was nice."

Shindle outlines the most important thing being a part of the Central Energy program has taught her.

"I would say character development. I wouldn't be the person I am, or teammate that I am today, without the Energy. The girls I've played with and coaches I've had over the years pushed me and made me the person I am today. They showed me how to be a leader, work hard, stay positive, and mentally get through situations. They have been my biggest supporters for sure. So, in general, it taught me how to be a good person and have a positive impact."