Southport's well on its way to opening up its new bowling alley this year. Southport Director of Business Development Deanna Talbot explains the latest.

Deanna Talbot"Things are going along really well," says Talbot. "Our maintenance team here in Southport is doing the majority of the work. They've been working hard all summer and we're on track to probably have a soft opening some time at the end of August or start of September. The grand opening is scheduled for the beginning of October."

She says they sacrificed a lane, making it a five-lane alley, in order to allow for a fully accessible, one-point-of-contact entrance. Talbot says people will enter the western main doors to the Rec-Plex and be greeted by the Rec-Plex staff. She adds it was a hard decision to lose a lane, but there are future plans to make up for that, and a fully accessible entrance was worth the loss.

Talbot says it'll be glow bowling, along with electronic scoring, televisions, and music to enhance the atmosphere. Food and beverages are going to be offered and it will be opened in evenings and weekends. Talbot says reservations can also be made for bookings and leagues and a variety of games will be introduced.