A local author has yet another book coming out and is planning on making her book launch the best one yet. 

Don't miss out on Terrie Todd's book launch event this Saturday at the Portage la Prairie Regional Library! Her latest book, April's Promise, will finally be unveiled after being written back in 2017. Todd is excited to share her work with the public and hopes that everyone can make it from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

She mentions that her inspiration for this book came from a real-life scenario. 

"I had a friend years ago whose siblings were much older than she was. A couple of them started teasing her that her big sister was actually her birth mother, and her other sibling siblings were saying 'No, no, no, they're making that up'. She never really did pursue it and find out. I thought I would want to know if it were me. I took that idea and ran with it."

The author says that the community support from Portage has always been excellent. Adding that, a small city like Portage is perfect for any author. 

"It's small enough that people know me, especially from my newspaper column. And yet, it's large enough that we have a radio station and a library, you know? I love Portage, and I love the support that I have here."

Todd has also decided that for every book she sells of April Promise, she will donate a portion of the proceeds to the Prairie Pregnancy Centre.

You can learn more about Aprils Promise and Terrie Todd by Clicking here.