Community members got the inside scoop on what they can expect from the Manitoba Airshow this year. Southport and KF Aerospace hosted a town hall meeting yesterday at the Central Plains Rec Plex to let everyone know the details.

KF Aerospace Site Manager Peter Fedak recounts the meeting and what everyone's major concerns were.

"It's great, about 28 people out... some good questions as well," says Fedak. "The ability to have the Facebook Live and you can replay that if you want, that's a great thing so more people can see it. If nothing else, if it generates people to call in or send in questions we'll answer them. It was a good turnout, of course people are concerned about traffic and parking."

The plan for parking and getting in and out of the venue is completely improved from last year, and includes three access points to the venue. There'll be 10,000 marked parking spots available, and 5,000 additional spots if available. Last year only had one access point and 7,000 parking spots. They've coordinated with Manitoba Transportation and Infrastructure as well as the RCMP to make things as smooth as possible.

Fedak says with KF Aerospace having a bigger role in the show, they're determined to create a great experience.

"Southport and KF are both big parts of the community, and we know the community's important, Fedak says. "So we've been planning now since August to get this going. At the last show we were just in a support role, so we weren't really able to direct what's going on, but now this is our show, we're going to do it right to make sure the people of Manitoba get the airshow they deserve."

Fedak stresses they still need over 800 volunteers for the two-day event on July 7th and 8th. He says you can find the volunteer applications on their website,

To view their Facebook page to see the Facebook Live video of the meeting, click here.

About 30 people took part in the town hall meeting