Trying to get your business off the ground? The United Way Central Plains Shopping Night might be what you're looking for.

The event will be at Canad Inns in Portage on November 23rd. Kathryn Dalton with United Way says they still have some tables available for sellers.

"We're trying hard to limit any duplication of services," explains Dalton. "So, for shoppers, it means more variety and more choice. We're excited to see what the community has to offer."

Megan Romphf is also with United Way Central Plains and mentions that it's always a fun evening, and you never know what deals you'll find.

"There is always a good number of people that come out, whether it's snowing, blowing, or just a frosty one, it doesn't matter," notes Romphf. "The community really comes out and shows their support for the shopping night, which is really great because these shopping nights also go toward our local programming."

The deadline for table registrations is October 27th.

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