Catching a flight over the holiday break isn't an unusual thing and many people from the Portage area have enjoyed some kind of holiday break which included flying. It is one of the busiest times of the year for airports and long lines are the norm. While a crowded flight may be common as well, having your flight diverted due to an unruly passenger certainly is not. That was the case yesterday as passengers en route to Calgary from Toronto had an unexpected stop in Winnipeg.

At approximately 12:20 pm, Winnipeg Richardson International Airport RCMP received a report of a flight diversion to Winnipeg due to an unruly passenger on board who had assaulted another passenger.

The investigation determined that Air Canada flight #137 was en route from Toronto to Calgary, when a 16-year-old male passenger, from Grande Prairie, assaulted an adult male passenger who was identified as a family member. 

Airline employees and passengers were able to restrain the youth following the assault.

The youth suspect was arrested and transported to hospital for medical evaluation. The adult passenger was treated on scene for minor physical injuries.

No other passengers required medical assistance.

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