Dakota Tipi First Nation had its share of downed power lines and trees in the aftermath of last night's wind storm. 

Kirk Taylor is a resident in the community and says a live wire was struck down onto their front yard after a tree blew down across the line.

"It was roughly midnight when this big bang happened, and we didn't know what was going on inside," says Taylor. "We looked out and I just seen the big tree down. We got the hydro line under it. We called and they just said, 'Stay inside and we'll get there as soon as we can and keep everybody off the front yard.' We heard a big loud noise and everybody come out to check it out. Everybody is okay."

He notes another crash occurred a short time later, and they learned that their neighbour across the road had a tree fall on their garage.

"We have power, so that's why they're saying stay off the front here because it's live wire on the ground here," says Taylor. "It's flickering, though, in and out. So, we're kind of scared. We're just keeping to ourselves right now."

Taylor adds he trusts all will stay safe.

Tree fallen in yardTree knocked down live power line

Tree fallen