A property owner who hails from Portage la Prairie has greatly assisted some Portage newcomers from Ukraine. Help Ukraine Portage la Prairie organizer Blair Hordeski says Sandy Shindleman, owner of Shindico, lent his helping hand.

"Going back a couple weeks, we toured five Ukrainian newcomers to Canada around Portage la Prairie," says Hordeski. "This week, two of the mothers notified us, indicating that they wanted to come and settle in Portage la Prairie. So, the search was on for apartments. One of the apartments that presented as ideal, I found out, was a Shindico-owned apartment. So, I reached out to Sandy who was just beyond generous and really made this transition for these two families to Portage very possible."

Hordeski says it's important to note that a few weeks ago, Paramount Properties of Portage la Prairie really got the ball rolling in the cause with their generous donation of a home for a family coming from Ukraine rent-free for one year.

"So, we're just overwhelmed by the generous support of property owners." 

Stay posted for a story with Sandy Shindleman