Families in our community are getting a boost from Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Plains. 

Koats for Kids has officially come to a close, and the people in and around Portage have graciously donated 166 coats, 59 ski pants, 20 boots, 177 mitts, 149 hats, and 75 scarves. 

Executive director Dawn Froese talks about how much this will benefit the families. 

"It's just for the schools to be able to send kids out at recess time, to get a break and to run all those are just so important for development. And really, that's what donating a coat does. It gets kids in school, gets them to play, and helps their development."

The director says that this year's Koats for Kids may be over, but you should still keep them in mind for next year. 

"So, as the year ends and you grow out of your coats, just put them aside for us. Don't bring them to us now because we don't have any storage room, but hold on to them. Then in October, you could bring them here down to Big Brothers Big Sisters."
She concludes by saying that they even had enough clothing left over after being distributed to families and schools to pass on to another organization.