Somewhat of a royal visit is taking place on Canada Day this year, making it special for more than the event reconvening after the pandemic cancellations.

Mayor Irvine Ferris says Lieutenant Governor Janice Filmon is going to be involved in a commemoration.

"She'll be coming out the morning of July 1st and she's going to be here for the unveiling of the Queen's Plate Jubilee project at the island," says Mayor Ferris. "This is pretty significant. This is like a royal visit, and we really haven't had a royal visit since 1970 when Queen Elizabeth was here. So, this is significant for our community."

Ferris notes Filmon is also planning to take her first look at a special piece of nature that she gifted to a resident. 

"One of our local teachers, James Kostuchuk, won an award last year which was a tree from the Lieutenant Governor, and he donated it to the City of Portage," continues Ferris. "It's planted on our new causeway. She wanted to take a look at that."

He adds 11:30 a.m. is the time for opening ceremonies for Canada Day and there will be entertainment and plenty of cake and activities for the kids. 

"Earlier that morning, I understand the Rotary Club of Portage is putting on a pancake breakfast at Stride Place," notes Ferris. "It's the first time we've been able to gather in the last two years. So, I think everybody is looking forward to it."