Portage residents are encouraged to share their opinions on the state of the community at a meet and greet your federal and provincial election candidates at the Herman Prior Centre.

The Portage Chamber of Commerce and Portage Community Revitalization Corporation have teamed up to allow you to address what you have on your mind, and talk to the candidates.

Chamber President Guy Moffat outlines some of the issues he wants to see tackled.

"When (people are) going to relocate to a community (Portage) to work in the new industry that's here, they want to come to a community that is safe," says Moffat. "The meth crisis puts us in jeopardy there."

Meth has been a hot topic for all levels of government after a steady rise in the use of the drug. Moffat wants to see healthcare in this region addressed.

"People want to come to a community where they know if something goes wrong or if they're sick, they have state of the art facilities. Our clinic is absolutely state of the art," says Moffat. "Our hospital has a lot of years on it. We've got great staff, but we need the bricks and mortar to support what goes on there."

A new hospital has been at the forefront of talks in Portage. A proposal is being made for a new hospital, but funding has not been secured from any level of government. Moffat adds education is also a priority.

"People want to know when they move to a community that their children are getting a top-notch education system," says Moffat. "We've got great people. It's our bricks and mortar that don't seem to be compatible with the increase in population."

The meet and greet for the candidates will take place tomorrow. Doors open at 6:30 with the meet and greet from 7-8. The open forum is from 8-9 at the Prior Centre.