Portage la Prairie's Operation Red Nose presented a cheque to the Gage Foster Scholarship fund at the Community Foundation of Portage and District (CFPD) this past week. 

"I'm proud to present a cheque to the Gage Foster Scholarship fund for $2,367 for the night of December 22nd," notes Red Nose Coordinator Leo Lapointe. "That's when we held the Gage Foster night. It was an awesome night. We did many rides that night amounting to 61. We did just under a thousand kilometres that night, which was great."

He notes the crew organized ten teams, and they kept up with all the rides, making it an overall good night. Lapointe says Brian Crawford and himself did a lot of work to organize it all. He adds he's proud of the people of Portage who took rides that night as well as the donations they provided. Lapointe says he hopes Portagers use the service to keep drinking and driving off the roads again next year.

CFPD executive director Mandy Dubois adds, "To me, it's amazing. This is one of those funds that has been created in my time here at the Foundation. I've seen it grow so much. We surpassed $20,000 in the Scholarship fund today with this donation from Operation Red Nose."

She explains the fund saw donations come from such a wide range of areas including individuals and businesses, children, and special fundraisers. Dubois notes a night designated from Operation Red Nose sends forth such a great message. She says all of this good that came from an extremely tragic situation causes you to look at the community, and the awareness given to drinking and driving. She adds we'll see everything come around full circle when these scholarships begin to be handed out. Dubois says this idea created by Gage's parents will genuinely create a legacy for Gage Foster. In 25 years, that fund will still be giving out, and is such a great way to remember Gage, and remind people of the message.

Dubois says anyone can donate to the fund and there's no limited amount of any kind you can provide. Even a one-time donation will keep going on forever.