The Portage Community Revitalization Corporation (PCRC) is ready to kick it up a notch as we approach fall.

Community facilitator Rachel Templeton and community engagement coordinator Lorna Knight caught up with PortageOnline to talk about what’s been going on over the summer, and what they’re looking forward to in the coming months. Templeton goes into detail on a program that’s captured the hearts and lawns of many Portagers.

“It’s our Flocking Flamingo Fundraiser,” notes Templeton. “If you happen to know someone that maybe is celebrating an anniversary, maybe they just had a baby, maybe it's their birthday, or maybe you just like to play pranks, you can call up the PCRC at 204-240-7272 and ask for the reaching home team or the flocking Flamingo fundraisers and, you know, give them a donation.”

She adds they have some set prices for people looking to flamingo-bomb their neighbours.

Knight explains that the PCRC’s green team, which has been responsible for cleaning up some of the graffiti around town, has wrapped up for the year.

“They did a fantastic job this year and there are so many areas around town that looks so much better now that they've been cleaned up,” says Knight.

 As the PCRC approaches the fall, they’re excited to ramp up programming as the school year gets underway.