Maybe Manitobans have bigger hearts? (per capita)

According to Statistics Canada, Manitobans give back more than the national average regarding charitable donations.

Data released from the 2021 tax year shows that the median donation per tax filer in Canada was $360, while in Manitoba was $550.

PortageOnline caught up with a few local organizations who say this news is no surprise.

Portage District General Hospital Foundation Executive Director Tara Pettinger spoke about the support the foundation receives from the community.

"We are extremely grateful. Obviously, Healthcare is something that has an impact on all of our lives, and it's something that we know we need within our community. So, to see people recognize the work the foundation does to enhance these services offered, is amazing."

File Photo.Tara Pettinger from the Portage District General Hospital Foundation

Meanwhile, Blair Geisel, a Board Member of the Community Foundation of Portage & District, highlights that in the last 25-plus years, they have accumulated over $11 million from the community to their endowment fund.

"There are probably more than 1000 contributors to that fund, and we're only one of the many charitable organizations in town. So, if you multiply that by all the organizations, there's a lot of participation in helping and being generous in Portage la Prairie."

File Photo.Blair Geisel of the Community Foundation of Portage & District

Lastly, Jane Tully, Coordinator for the Portage Bear Clan, explains that they, too, benefit from the community's generous ways.

"We have a lot of groups that donate to us financially, either a monetary donation or warm clothing, and food products that we can share in the community. I do see Portage being a really, really generous community."

File Photo.Portage Bear Clan Coordinator Jane Tully

Tully notes that it is something to be proud of when you give back to your community and see it go to work rather than shipping that money off to other countries and places.