Communities throughout the province are awaiting which resolutions will be lobbied to the province by the Association of Manitoba Municipalities. The RM of Portage had made a request about red tape reduction, but that wasn't their only recommendation. 

CAO Nettie Neudorf says there's a Board of Revisions at the local level made up of council that looks at appeals to assessment for the year going forward, for land and property buildings. 

"What we're finding is that there are a number of appeals that are being represented through a third party," says Neudorf. "In order to save the work that they're doing, they're spending the time for their case just by filing the words, 'We confirm the assessments'. They might even appear at that local level, but just to say, 'We confirm,' and they don't have anything to say."

Neudorf says they want the discussion at the local level, and not seeing it by-passed to the province's municipal board.

"That work to be presented at the local level, makes more of the local board hear the entire picture at that case, and that gives due diligence for the appealers to be ready with that information to appeal it," says Neudorf. "Maybe that will even have them reconsider why they are making that appeal."

Neudorf hopes this can be lobbied in front of the province to see this process changed, so an appealer cannot just say, 'We confirm the assessment,' to avoid the local dialogue. The resolution was made to the AMM prior to the June 1st deadline for recommendations.