New president? No problem for the Portage Rotary Club, as they continued to find ways to support the community throughout the summer.

President Sherri Palmer took over the role on June 27th from past president Jennifer Campbell Dornan. Palmer says one thing they've been working toward throughout the summer is preparing for an exchange student from Ukraine.

"We really have a great fundraising group and members certainly show up to volunteer," notes Palmer. "I've only heard good things. I think that's one of the other things about Rotary is that, oftentimes, what we're doing is in collaboration with other parts of the community."

She notes that jumping into the role was fun, but also challenging as the club's Canada Day breakfast was just a few days after she became president. Since then, they've continued to work on the duck pond rejuvenation project, while supporting other initiatives in the city, including the remodelling of the PCI basketball court, and the construction of the Rotary Skate Park.

The Rotary Club's media relations director Preston Meier says he's proud of the way that the group has been able to stay at the forefront of Portage's growth and be a driving factor.

"You can't walk two blocks in this club without seeing in this city that the Rotary Club hasn't been involved in over the past 65 years," explains Meier. "We've just got a really strong club with some great members that are really moving this forward."

Looking ahead, the Rotary Club is focused on their vegetable sale, which will take place September 26-29.