Construction on six of the dozen mini homes being built at Long Plain First Nation is nearly complete.

The homes are being constructed by Mini Homes of Manitoba in the community's arena to help ease the overcrowding in existing homes. Anita Munn says things are coming along nicely and they're hoping to have the six up and ready soon.

Anita Munn and Darrell Manuliak with Mini Homes of Manitoba. (Photo by Rae Hathaway)

"By the end of this week, we're hoping to have all six mini homes sheathed and ready for the exterior to go on. We need to get the electrical wired and that's a project we're hoping gets close to wrapped up this week as well. Then we insulate and we move on to putting on the finishing touches on the homes."

Munn says doing the work they do will never get old, especially when she looks at all six houses at the end of the day up and ready to move out. They've just started week five of construction and anticipate the first home to leave in three to four weeks.

A good shot of one of the homes inside the arena. (Photo by Rae Hathaway)

"There's a lot of emotion from the people getting the homes," adds Munn. "We have a lot of people who are experiencing what it's like to have their own home. They've lived with 13 or 14 members of their family under one roof, and to be able to alleviate that over crowding and give them a sense of having something that's theirs really makes us feel great."

See photos of the mini homes below.