What a day it's been down at the Portage Ex! 

It started with some barrel racing in the morning, and rides and more got underway at about noon.

There was some worry at the start of the day that the rain might get the better of the afternoon. Eventually, everyone realized they were in store for a beautiful day at the fair, albeit, a hot one! Luckily we had tons of water to hand out to fair goers, courtesy of Blue Moon Water in Portage.

Some highlights for me included going for a ride on the Ferris wheel while doing live reports on-air... and of course... fair food! 

The Austin Hick Chicks put on their show at about 4 pm, which was a huge hit. We also saw karaoke going on throughout the afternoon. Later in the evening, there are tributes to a few great bands, including Elvis, The Styx, and The Rolling Stones.

All in all, you couldn't have asked for a better afternoon at the fair. Don't feel like you missed out though because tomorrow holds a lot of fun down at the Portage Fairgrounds as well!

This year was technically the 150th anniversary of the Portage Ex, but since we are just getting out of this pandemic, organizers decided to celebrate 150 years of fun next year instead. We're all looking forward to hearing what that celebration might hold! 

Thanks to everyone who stopped by to grab some water, entered our Celebrate Summer draw, and had a nice little chat with me! I think everyone was really happy to be able to get together following a couple of Covid summers. It truly was a blast!