Environment and Climate Change Canada Meteorologist Brian Proctor says things will be an ugly, slushy mess outside on Thursday and Friday.

This is because two systems going through the Portage la Prairie region, one from the northern plains in the US and the other from Alberta, are set to make their way through the community.

"Thursday, we see the real impacts of that low-pressure system and start to see cold, gusty winds setting up. That's when we start seeing mixed rain and snow, depending on the time of the day."

He says people can generally expect to experience some wet snow more than anything else.

"We're not looking for tremendous accumulations through the Portage area. You really need to go up into the Interlake and further north to see more significant accumulation. But we're definitely going to see something out there. I wouldn't be surprised to see maybe three to five centimetres of wet snow associated with that."

Proctor suggests we could see somewhere near ten centimetres in the Interlake area.

"It's really the merging of these two systems that are causing the predominant weather conditions over the area, and areas further to the north of us will see fairly significant precipitation."

By the time the weekend rolls around, Proctor says we can anticipate closer to normal temperature values and more sunny skies.