Portage Collegiate was represented well at the 2022 Manitoba Indigenous Games. The event saw a number of different athletic events being showcased from basketball to archery. 

PCI did well in the Biig Hoop event with Cas Doucet placing first at the 16U level and Abby Olynick finishing right behind her in second. The other Portager to hit the podium was Nashton Mazurat, who took part in the one-foot high kick event. He explains how it works.

"You have to jump off both feet, kick with one foot, and land on the same foot you kicked with," Mazurat continues. "You start off at three feet, and it goes up by three inches each time."

Mazurat ended up getting all the way up to 72 inches (six feet), which was good enough for third place, however, he says he continued practicing after his time limit was done.

"After they timed it, I kept trying it, and I got up to six feet and nine inches," says Mazurat.

While he had an impressive showing at the event, Mazurat says this was his first time actually competing in the sport. He says they were introduced to it at school this year.

"My teacher just asked me if I wanted to do it, and I was like, 'Yeah, sure.' So, I gave it a try, and I would say I did pretty well."

He says he enjoyed himself this time around and will be looking to compete in the one-foot high kick event next year as well. Mazurat describes why he feels like he was able to pick up the sport so quickly.

"The thing that helped me kick that high is mixed martial arts," Mazurat explains. "I've been training with Portage Jiujitsu for four, going on five, years now."

Mazurat is grateful for the opportunity and is exciting to continue pursuing it next year.