The Portage Rotary Club saw a presentation today from two Portage junior campers who attended this summer's Rotary Youth Leadership Assembly (RYLA) camp. 12-year-old Chase Fedak and 13-year-old Tye Bickerton shared all they learned and came home with and answered several questions in regard to what RYLA was all about.

"Kids trying to learn how to be leaders and how to lead kids to better things," explains Fedak.

Bickerton explains, "They teach you how to do things in your school like when you want to do something. In the Students For Change at École Arthur Meighen School, we do things throughout the school. So, this could help us with programs like that."

She adds not many Portage youths were involved this year, noting word needs to get out more and she's willing to help accomplish that. Bickerton explains Portage hasn't done this in three years, and she didn't know anyone from Portage who had been there before to get a heads-up on the camp.