It's Christmas which means many kids are going to be up at 6 a.m., wanting to check what Santa left for them under the tree. So, this got us wondering what kids want from Santa this Christmas. 

PortageOnline went down to Portage Daycare and North Memorial School to chat with some of the kiddos to find out. 

Courtney says she is looking forward to getting a "big flying unicorn" for Christmas. 

Holden, whose favourite part about Christmas is "opening my presents," has a bit of a longer list. 
"I asked for a monster truck, more hot wheel trucks, more hot wheel cars, and a nerf gun game." 

Kennedy, known as the Paw Patrol expert, says that a " Robo dog or Chase" would be the best gift this year. 

Students James and Isaiah got the chance to meet Santa at North Memorial School as he made his way through all of the classrooms. 
James said he didn't ask Santa for anything because he "Just ordered stuff from Amazon."

Isaiah said he told Santa he wanted PS5 and an X-Box as well as some air pods and an iPhone 15. 

From all of us here at PortageOnline, Happy Holidays!