One of Portage la Prairie's most recognizable tourist locations played host to a very hardworking organization.

The Rotary Club of Portage la Prairie held an evening meeting at the Fort la Reine Museum on May 29th. Rotarian Doug Pedden says it's a great attraction for the city as there's a lot of history housed in the museum. The Rotary Club has also helped the museum in the past.

"We've painted some buildings," explains Pedden. "We've also donated money to the museum over the years. I think it's a wonderful area."

Executive director Emma Ens-MacIver showcased the Fort la Reine for the Rotary Club. She says the museum officially started tours this year on May 20th. While the majority of the exhibits are ready to be showcased, a few of them are still under construction. Ens-MacIver notes the Rotary Club is always welcome.

"They seem to be involved in so much and we really need dedicated members of the community like that," says Ens-MacIver. "I'm excited to see where that relationship could go in the future."

While the Rotary Club is focused on completing the projects they currently have on the go, they're open to helping the museum again, if the situation is called for.